My next stage of my PhD studies begins tomorrow (June 5, 2006).

So, this reflective entry introduces what is called EPISODE TWO. (Episode One being the methdology programme at SATHRI). This Episode, features my journey through my pre doctoral programme, with a special focus (hopefully) on how this programme is contributing directly or indirectly to my PhD studies.

I will try to avoid too many reflective entries and instead try to keep this as a progress report. I think this would then be more useful.

It has been decided by the administration that I need to focus my pre doctoral programme (PDP) on enhancing my greek-hebrew language skills.

At one level I thought perhaps I could use the time better doing something else, but I agree more and more with the Principal Dr. Ashish, that theologians are weak in biblical studies, and we need to attempt to bridge that gap.

I already see this ‘biblical’ emphasis affecting my future PhD… and THAT is a good thing.

The goal is that in June I will be focussing on Greek Translation (John’s Gospel) and in July I will do Luke’s Exegesis.

I am a little afraid, and I feel underprepared. I also have a lot of work, in terms of ‘teaching assistant’ workload. I have to help with the research methodology course, as well as, later, with the Theological Method course. Both I’m looking forward to. (*I also have to help with the full handover of my previous responsibilities which included Website and Publications. That I’m less looking forward to*)

Still, there is an excitement I feel. And also a sense of mission. By the later I mean, I know I’m doing my PhD because God has made this possible, and it is also God’s desire that I walk this path for his purpose.

I know I could ramble on, but with that thought I close. Remembering that ‘He will never leave me, nor forsake me.’