Attending SATHRI’s Doctoral Methodology Course from May 2 to May 19 marked the unofficial start of my PhD programme at SAIACS.

What is SATHRI

South Asia Theological Research Institute (SATHRI) is an organisation that offers doctoral programmes in theology. It was established by the Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC). SATHRI is located near United Theological College in Bangalore. There two-three other such doctoral centres affiliated to the BTESSC.

SATHRI’s Doctoral Methodology Course

SATHRI’s Doctoral Methodology course is an about 20-day interdisciplinary seminar that aims to help students become aware of methodological issues in various disciplines, and as a by-product, in their own chosen subject.

All Serampore Doctoral students must attend SATHRI’s methodology course in preparation of their DTh studies. The course is for Serampore students, but they made an exception for me and allowed me (though I’m from the Asia Theological Association (ATA) ) to enrol.

The cost of the course was: Rs. 3000 (Course fees). Rs. 1000 (food). Rs. 1000 (for accomodation). Plus, there were some expenses (about Rs. 200) for books.

The Course is structured as a seminar, where teachers from various colleges/disciplines come to give a lecture on the methodology of their subject. Students then respond formally (and informally) to the presentation.

During the course students also have the opportunity to present a brief research proposal (Thesis Proposal), and the focus is to sharpen methodological issues in our proposals.


The previous posts trace my day-to-day reactions to the classroom lectures and discussion.

Looking back, however, I can safely say that my exposure to methodological issues deeply enhanced my thinking. Also, the exposure to a university system very different from my own challenged and strengthened me in many ways.

Because of the journal-style of this blogsite, the entries (posts) are listed chronologically, the lastest entry being first. To access all the reactions Click this link and start with  Day One.

I hope that this relation of my ‘quest’ will graduate from being an egotist/narcissistic exercise and be useful to you.