So the title says it all. Because of late evening classes yesterday, we didn’t have a class today. Instead we met before lunch, thanked everyone, got our certificates and had a “SAIACS” special lunch… which is mutton biryani and brinjal! :)

All in all, the course was an invigorating, challenging and helpful exercise. A lot of things were clarified in my mind, I got direction in many areas.

Most importantly I benefited from ‘ideological’ education, which is to say that while being brought up in SAIACS theologically, I think the exposure was a good testing ground to see whether I could hold my ground in a context different from my own. I think I did.

I was able to see serampore theologically, objectively-subjectively… which is to say that I could learn from them, see what they were missing (in relation to me)… see how some of their critic at times about ‘evangelicalism’ was valid, and also I saw that there were ways out (for both theologies).

Of course I wish that more students, on either side, had the opportunity to mingle. But going by the perceptions of the other on both sides, this will not happen soon.

I believe that God made this exposure happen… and I praise Him for it.

Now, my wife and I will be heading for a 10-day vacation in Mumbai. A good opportunity to think of ‘other’ things. So, there will be no blog update till June.

I hope to keep updating this blog, when I get back, to record my journey towards my doctorate at SAIACS. And hope that what I write here, while verbose/long, will help.