Our slated lecturer, Dr. Wati Longchar, couldn’t make it today, so instead we had our thesis proposals. Since I had already thought of what I wanted to do… I didn’t mind too much. The only drawback is that tomorrow we will be having Night classes to make up for lost time. Hence I’ll need to stay over at UTC. Anyway…

The thesis proposals were like the last presentation; generally scanty in thought. I guess, most students know that they will only have to present 6-8 months from now so they don’t need to give the issue too much thought. I had the advantage of presenting an extension of my MTh Thesis… the missing ‘third’ element. (In my MTh I studied Barth, Indian Theologies and then, I was supposed to look at contemporary views on religion. Instead Dr. David Samuel agreed that I need to cut the third part and focus only on Barth and Indian context. Thankfully, that saved me a lot of heartache. But now offered me the opportunity to approach the Theology of religion/s from a different point of view.)

Because of my experience in the subject, my ‘half-pager’ became a heavy ‘two-pager’ which was loaded with indepth problem proposals, methodological issues, and a well defined scope. (I’m saying this simply because I have benefited from the SATHRI courses, and since I have a methodological bent anyway… such exercises are a lot of fun for me!) The director, liked my topic though a few people expressed discontent over the title.

One of the most important critiques on my paper was something I have been struggling with anyway… which is my dependence on ‘western’ methodology (even for solutions for Indian context). Now I know that western and eastern binaries are fallacious, simply because of the overgeneralisation present. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to find a single instance of a “purely Indian theology”. Still, the point was that in my proposal I hadn’t even expressed my desire to look! And I need to at least look for indegenous methodologies for developing/recovering new possibilities.

That was the central thing I learned today; the other comments on my paper and others were basically repetitions of earlier remarks made on thesis proposals.

Tomorrow we look at emperical method of research, and Tribal Theology (at night).