Tomorrow I start my PhD methodology course at UTC, Bangalore. Actually, the details are as follows.

The PhD Methodology Course is conducted by SATHRI (South Asia Theological Research Institute). Their director is Rev. Dr. Samson Prabhakar and their email address:

SATHRI is having this 20 day course (May 2 to May 20) at Charles Ranson Centre, UTC. It’s a full day programme, starting at 9:00am and going on till the evening.

The discounted cost for the programme is Rs. 3000/- for fees, plus Rs. 2000/- for food/accomodation.

This course is compulsory for all Serampore students pursuing their PhD (I guess those in Bangalore/this region)… the entry qualification being a high Second Division at the MTh level.

My acceptance to this course was as an exception (ie… they don’t usually take ATA students). They also told me that I would have to wait to see if their was space.

Application process is filling a form gotten from SATHRI; and then posting it back to them, signed by the host institute.

OK the above was a detailed account of what I’m getting into (From the outside).

Tomorrow I will know what’s going on better.

Right now, I am a little nervous, because I feel underprepared, not knowing what to expect.

This site, which I hope to maintain as and when I have time, is geared to give you (Ramesh/Asen… at least I know you guys would be interested)… a glimpse of what I am doing.

Hopefully this will be helpful.

For now, I close this post. Do pray that God will help me be focussed, and have perseverance to last the distance.